Utah is such a pretty place for senior pictures.  However, my niece who lives in Idaho needed a picture of her in her element.  So, I packed up my camera, and my family, and we went for a visit to my sister's farm.  A.k.a. the "giant garden." It's always fun to visit with my sister. And the kids like it too so the cousins can play.  

If you haven't gotten your senior pictures taken yet, and you're a senior, it's time to book to make sure you get them before graduation. Contact me, Katie Gee, to schedule your session.

It's senior pictures season and here is Marie.  So, so pretty! It was so good to see you again Marie! That was fun!

Carrie - Senior!

How did this happen? My niece is a senior. I remember holding her as a baby. She was just 2 when I was married. And now look at her! In the moments I was taking her pictures and editing them, she went from a little girl, to a young woman about to start her life. I love you Carrie and I wish you the best senior year! 

Liberty is here!

Sweet, sweet newborns. Liberty was 7 days old when her Mom brought her into the studio. Just the right amount of age for those fun, sleepy photos. 5-10 days old is when I like to photograph them.  They're extra cooperative and so fun to snuggle.  Only a few short weeks ago Liberty was still baking in the oven.  And now she's here.


Ready to POP!

Yep.  Nicole is ready to have this baby.  The best part about it?  She has 3 boys and is expecting a GIRL!  We're all very excited for their family.  I can't wait to meet her and do a newborn session!

Sabrina's one!

It's amazing how time can fly!  I feel like I just took Sabrina's newborn pictures and here she is, now one year old!

And seriously, who knew that balloons and wheat fields don't mix?  We were lucky we had any balloons left by the end of the shoot.  They were popping like crazy.  I'm glad we had a few left when we were done.

Brittney's ONE!

The cuteness just oozes from Brittney!  And when she smiles, you can't help but do it too.