Kelsey - Eagle Mountain Senior Photographer

Seniors! My favorites! 
Kelsey is such a fun girl and gorgeous to boot! We had a great time and even though the sun was down, I was able to keep shooting at our location with the lights I brought. Sooooo glad I brought it!

My Sister's Family - Eagle Mountain Family Photographer

This is my sister and her family. What a great bunch of boys she has. And cute too!

 And Mr. E's eyes....I just can't get enough!

1 year old Bentley - Eagle Mountain Child Photographer

This sweet boy won "Most Photogenic" at Eagle Mountain City's baby contest! 
 What a cute boy! Check out that smile! He made us all work for it too!

All dressed up as a little stinker (a skunk)!

1 year old Aspen - Eagle Mountain Child Photographer

Holy blue!  I can not believe this girl's eyes.  Remember her here?  I LOVE taking her pictures.  She has such a fun personality.  And even despite being hungry, she did amazing!