The Keele's -part 2

A few weeks ago this family and I arrived at our location and the sun had already gone down. We quickly took family pictures and when we tried the individuals for the kids there just wasn't enough light to freeze the shot. So we tried again, and boy was it great! Thanks goes to Sterling for holding up the sun blocker so we could have some shade. I seriously couldn't have gotten the results without him. Thank you so much Sterling! And thank you Rosy for getting everybody all dressed up again so we could get some great pictures! What a great, and good looking family. Love you guys!

Anybody who knows this guy, knows that he's a load of fun! All these poses were his idea. The middle one? Yep, the thinker. :)

The Keele's

This family ROCKS! I was surprised how smiley the youngest was. Sometimes you have to stand on your head to get the babies to smile. But not her. She was so cute!
Our husbands needed to do some things before we could go on the shoot and because it was so late in the day and the sun was down when we got to our location we're going to go another day to take some more pictures of the kids. So, you'll see those soon! In the meantime, enjoy this beautiful family!
Do you remember the 12 day old I took pictures of 4 months ago? Well, this is her sweet, sweet family! And boy was it cold! 35 degrees when we finished the shoot and everybody was still happy. Thanks for hanging out with me for a little bit guys. I had a great time!

11 Days Old

Interestingly enough this baby is associated with many 11's. He was born in the 11th month of the 11th year. He is 11 days old in these pictures, and the best part. He's the 9th baby in the family making it a family of 11! I know, awesome right?!
He was such a good baby and I was honored to photograph him.  Here he is making his debut all wrapped up in a beautiful white blanket his mama crocheted.  

Our Family Pictures

 I mentioned in the last post that Holly Robinson Photography and I traded picture taking.  She took our family picture and I took the ones of my kids.  Wind was an issue this night.  I learn something new every time I do a session.  Tonight I learned that when you have wind, and girls with long hair, you need to take more pictures then you think. ;)

Meet the Robinson's

Months and months ago Holly asked me if we could trade taking pictures.  She took mine and I took hers.   Isn't this family gorgeous!?!  Check out the little one...she's got such a sassy personality to go with all that blonde.  Thanks for trading Hol!  We had a great time.

Silver Lake at Eagle Mountain

The entrance to Silver Lake at Eagle Mountain is beautiful!  It's like they designed it for photographers.  This family has been involved in our lives for about 8-ish years and it's been fun to see their family grow.  Thanks for a great time you guys.  

AF Canyon

Can I just say that I have the greatest across the street neighbors ever?! These two are absolutely so much fun to be around. The love they have for each other is so contagious and when you get home from anywhere with them you're just simply in a better mood. Thanks guys for allowing me to capture you in such a beautiful setting.

Strike a Pose

This little girl loves posing. And with just the right amount of wind...there's no stopping her sassy-ness.

Soccer Portraits

I had the opportunity to shoot 3 soccer teams.  The teams had scheduling conflicts with the photographer that did the whole rest of the city.  But I got lucky enough to shoot 3 of the teams.  These kids were so great and the coaches and parents, so helpful.  Thanks to everyone for being patient and sweet as I learn and do this kind of thing for the first time ever!  
This is the "scrapbook page" that I made for the parents as an option to get an individual and a team picture.  It was a great option to have.  Definitely a favorite.  I learned alot from this and am grateful to all those who trusted me to capture this fun time for their child!

12 days old

This baby girl was only 12 days old. I went to her house and used the light from the front window. She was very particular about being on her back. She did not like it at all. The shoot worked out wonderfully. We got some shots while she was awake. Then she filled up her tummy and fell right to sleep. Thanks K family!