11 Days Old

Interestingly enough this baby is associated with many 11's. He was born in the 11th month of the 11th year. He is 11 days old in these pictures, and the best part. He's the 9th baby in the family making it a family of 11! I know, awesome right?!
He was such a good baby and I was honored to photograph him.  Here he is making his debut all wrapped up in a beautiful white blanket his mama crocheted.  

Our Family Pictures

 I mentioned in the last post that Holly Robinson Photography and I traded picture taking.  She took our family picture and I took the ones of my kids.  Wind was an issue this night.  I learn something new every time I do a session.  Tonight I learned that when you have wind, and girls with long hair, you need to take more pictures then you think. ;)

Meet the Robinson's

Months and months ago Holly asked me if we could trade taking pictures.  She took mine and I took hers.   Isn't this family gorgeous!?!  Check out the little one...she's got such a sassy personality to go with all that blonde.  Thanks for trading Hol!  We had a great time.