My Niece, Rachel - Eagle Mountain Child Photographer

I had the opportunity (thanks to fall break falling on just the right weekend) to go to Idaho and see my niece get baptized.  I couldn't help but get tear-y as Rachel giggled while getting in the water and was baptized by immersion.  I love you Rachel and I hope you like your pictures. 

If you'd like to learn more about being baptized by immersion, or about our church in general, check out

Some awesomeness from the {N} family - Eagle Mountain Child Photographer

These kids are awesome! I've photographed some of them before. The youngest was the star in my baby contest samples. Love him! 

(p.s. One of these days I'm going to figure out how to get the verticals side by side so there's not so much scrolling.)

Soccer Pictures!

I was asked by a few coaches if I would take their teams soccer pictures. Uh..., yes! You see, somebody goofed and the information about picture day wasn't passed on. "Who does photography, and would be willing to take our team and individuals?" they asked. ME! Here are a few of my personal favorites: