The Keele's -part 2

A few weeks ago this family and I arrived at our location and the sun had already gone down. We quickly took family pictures and when we tried the individuals for the kids there just wasn't enough light to freeze the shot. So we tried again, and boy was it great! Thanks goes to Sterling for holding up the sun blocker so we could have some shade. I seriously couldn't have gotten the results without him. Thank you so much Sterling! And thank you Rosy for getting everybody all dressed up again so we could get some great pictures! What a great, and good looking family. Love you guys!

Anybody who knows this guy, knows that he's a load of fun! All these poses were his idea. The middle one? Yep, the thinker. :)

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Rosy Keele said...

What great shots Katie, I love them!!! Thank you so much for taking our family pictures!