Extended Family Shoot...My Cousins!

When I was growing up, every year for Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, 4th of July, Labor Day bar-b-ques, cherry picking, and other fun stuff, my family would drive 1 hour and 10 minutes (about 30 miles, wink, wink. ;)) to hang out with my Aunts, cousins, Grandma and Pappy. I loved it! We always had the best time. Now that we're older it doesn't happen as often and life just seems to go on. I was thrilled to death when I was asked to take pictures of my Aunt, cousins, and now second cousins!!  A great excuse to see everybody!
We weren't sure the weather was going to cooperate and although it was very cold, the wind was mostly on and sometimes off, and the sun was in and out we went ahead with the plans.  A special thanks to my Auntie M for letting us get warm in her house and use her backyard.

Stephanie found a picture she fell in love with and wanted to recreate it with her family.  I was totally up for the task, and here are the results.

My cousin Jacob.
My cousin Charlie.

Stephanie wanted to get my Grandma in on a few and I decided I wanted one for myself, all by herself.  She's  85 and super fun to talk to.
Thanks for asking me to photograph you all.  It was fun to visit and I had a great time!


Marnie said...

Those turned out great! I love the you + me pic, so cute!

Lyndee Wilkerson said...

I'm with Marnie; the chalkboard pic is awesome! And the little girl in orange is absolutely adorable.

Garth, Sarah and Sophie said...

Do you think you could squeeze us in before we leave for Oklahoma? I'll call you or email you. I know I'm the one that keeps procrastinating, but we're super overdue for a family pic :)

JB said...

Wonderful pictures! How did you ever get Grandma to consent to a picture??? It may be the only one that is up to date for her!

auntie Janice

Skyler Manning said...

Great pictures, Katie!