Baby Contest with options for Prints!

It feels like, lately, all my thoughts are focused on the baby contest and how to make it better for you and your baby.  
One question I had was, how can I help them capture this fun memory?  And, what about Grandma and Grandpa?  
They're going to want some pictures too.  So, I've come up with an 8x10 scrapbook page and options to buy additional prints. 
You will receive your free 4x6 complimentary photo in the mail.  And now, if you want or need more prints, you can!  

I will have order forms when you sign in to get your baby's picture taken but if you'd like to fill one out in
 advance and bring your cash or check with you, that's great too!  Click here to view and print the order form.

I can't wait to meet you all at the baby contest!  See you on Thursday!

(Scrapbook Page Sample)

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